What to expect here

927ExpectMembers_405969144We are excited you are coming to worship with us! But in case you are wondering, here are some things to expect the first time you come.

Parking: We have a large parking lot located behind our building, lots of room!

Entrances: There are two entrances to our building. Our front door has a drive through car port, for bad weather days or for those with mobility issues. Our secondary entrance is direct from the parking lot. Use either one!

Washrooms: The washrooms are near the west exit (parking lot entrance), with additional washrooms in the basement.

Greeters and Bulletins: When you come for worship someone with a friendly smile and handshake will give you a bulletin. The bulletin will help you follow along with worship, and point you to the right place in the red or blue hymnbook.

Liturgy: We are a liturgical church. This means our worship follows the same pattern that Christian worship has followed for 2000 years. It also means that worship is participatory. The congregation is an integral part of worship. The congregation sings, prays, listens, responds, shares the peace, and celebrates communion.

Sharing the Peace: This is an opportunity to stand up and greet the people around you with a handshake and often the phrase “Peace be with you.” If you aren’t familiar with ‘sharing the peace’ you might find this moment in the service awkward, so you only need to shake as many hands as you are comfortable with or none at all.

Music: We have a variety of music from organ, to piano, to contemporary. And everyone is encouraged to sing along. Sing with gusto or listen along – whatever you are comfortable with.

Communion: All are welcome for communion, regardless of which church you attend or what denomination you are. The table is God’s table! If you are unfamiliar with communion, it is a time for worshippers to come forward to receive bread and wine. An usher will direct you forward to railing at the front of the church. The pastor will come with the wine and say “The Body of Christ given for you.” Hold your hands out and you will be given bread. And then another server will come along and offer you wine or grape juice. This will be in individual glasses or a common cup. The server will say “The Blood of Christ given for you.” Hold your hands out and you will be given wine!

Offering: We collect offering each Sunday. If you are visiting, don’t feel obligated to put anything in the plate. However, if you are wondering how much to give, hopefully the following is helpful: Our ministry takes about $49 per person in attendance per Sunday to fully fund.

Play Room: Children are welcome to stay in worship at all times, noises and all! However, if parents needs a moment’s sanity, we do have a play room off the back of the sanctuary with windows looking in and sound from the service, so that you can stay connected to worship.

Air Conditioning: Yes! We have A/C for the those hot summer Sundays!